First Steps

Students walking on steps at Wells Library

Step 3: Choose Your Courses

Living-Learning Center Residency Requirements

Thomas I. Atkins Living-Learning Center

  • Required course: COLL-G 113, Groups Success Seminar (1 cr.)

Civic Leaders Living-Learning Center Required fall course (choose one):

  • Required fall course:
    • SPEA-V 100, Civic Leadership Seminar I (1 cr.)
  • Required fall course (choose one):
    • SPEA-V 220, Law and Public Affairs (3 cr.)
    • SPEA-V 160, National and International Policy (3 cr.)
  • Required spring course:
    • SPEA-V100, Civic Leadership Seminar II (1 cr.)
  • Required spring course (choose one):
    • SPEA-V 220, Law and Public Affairs (3 cr.)

SPEA-V 161, Urban Problems and Solutions (3 cr.)

Collins Living-Learning Center

  • Required course: CLLC-Q 199, Residential Learning Workshop (1 cr.)
  • Required Course: Freshman and Sophomores must take a Collins Seminar (2-3 cr.)

Fitness And Wellness Living-Learning Center

  • Required course: SPH-R 142 Living Well (3 cr.)

Foster International Living-Learning Center

  • Required course: FLLC-Q 100, Residential Learning Workshop (1 cr.)

Global Village Living-Learning Center

  • Required course: GLLC-Q 199, Introduction to the Global Village (1 cr.)

INSPIRE Living-Learning Center 

  • Required course: EDUC-F 204, Seminoar INSPIRE LLC (1 cr.)

Kelley Living-Learing Center

  • Required fall course: BUS-T 134, KLLC Community Development Seminar (1 cr.)
  • Required spring course: BUS-T 144, Hot topics in Business (1 cr.)

Media Living-Learning Center

  • Required course: JOUR-J 160, The Media Village (1 cr.)

Outdoor Adventure Living-Learning Center

  • Required course (choose one)
    • SPH-W190, Foundations of Adventure (2 cr.)
    • SPH-W 305, Intro to Wilderness Leadership (2 cr.)

For information about each LLC and required course, and for contact information for each LLC director, clink on the appropriate link above.