First Steps

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Completing Your Transfer Academic Planning Worksheet

Transfer students can use the Transfer Academic Planning Worksheet (TAPW) to prepare for the orientation advising appointment.

Bring a final transcript (unofficial is fine) or a complete list of courses you have taken at your previous schools to your advising appointment, including courses you are currently taking.

Before you get started, you’ll need to account carefully for the college level academic work you’ve already done and understand how it fulfills requirements at IUB.  These steps will help:

1) Find out if the courses you are transferring to IUB have been analyzed by the Office of Admissions. Go through OneStart to your SIS Student Center/My Academics page, and choose “Transfer Credit: View Academic Credit Report.” This list will show you how your courses transfer, which you will need to know in order to determine how they count for requirements at IUB.

2) If some or all of your courses have not been analyzed by Admissions, check the Credit Transfer Service from the Office of Admissions web site to look for more information on how they will transfer.

3) Use the information about your courses above to determine any requirements for IUB General Education that you have completed and the requirements you still have to fulfill.

4) Assess any specific major requirements you have completed and understand what major courses will come next by accessing degree requirements for your major and school from the Academic Bulletins page.

5) Complete your Transfer APW using the information you have collected above. List any questions you have on your Academic Planning Worksheet and discuss them with your orientation advisor. 

The TAPW is a good place to note whether you require accommodations. Your advisor will use this information when making course recommendations. You should also contact the IU Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS) and request your accommodations as soon as possible. To request accommodations, visit or call (812) 855-7578.

Other planning tools that may be useful for transfer students new to IUB:

  • The Schedule of Classes provides a full list of the classes being offered IUB each term, including class meeting times and locations, the instructor’s name, and other important class notes.
  • In addition to listing complete major and degree requirements, Academic Bulletins include basic descriptions for all courses taught by each school or academic unit. Note: Not all courses appearing in the bulletins are taught each term.
  • The Class Search via the SIS Student Center in OneStart allows you to search using a keyword for Class Titles and Class Descriptions (for example “film”). Class descriptions can be viewed by clicking on “details” when you pull up a specific class.
  • Your Academic Advisement Report will help you see how all transferred and currently enrolled courses will count toward requirements for your major, if your major intention is correctly declared.

Degree planning guides offer comprehensive guides to degree requirements and suggest plans for completing those requirements.